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wecandividebyzero are a 4 piece metal band, based in Gibraltar. Their style is a mix of their influences from Prog Metal to Metal and Deathcore.

wecandividebyzero formed in 2009 and consisted of 5 members who wrote and performed Party Treats, later self recorded, produced and released on Youtube in 2017. This culminated in a 2nd place performance at the Gibraltar Battle of the Bands in 2012.

Due to various issues 2 of the members decided to leave the band which left the remaining 3 on hiatus until 2020 where the band returned to gigging and rehearsing as a 3 piece band.

Party Treats was released on all major music platforms (including Spotify & Apple Music)  in 2022 and continue to work on self recording and production of their other tracks.

Having many years of performing under their belts, the band is no stranger to live events, as well as the planning and setup of these. They have acquired a substantial following on social media platforms as well as locally for those who enjoy Metal and the heavier side of it.

Overall wecandividebyzero is highly regarded wherever they have played and are very identifiable thanks to their energetic stage performances.


an extract from yourgibraltarTV

…tight set on stage

..we were lucky to celebrate (without knowing) the success of yet another local band in Spotify./

wecandivideyzero is formed by Tristan Howes, Sam Cottam and Chris Osbourne. This 3 piece Metal band has been away from performing live for over 7 years. Throughout this time they have been working on original material and this week they released in Spotify their single Party Treats (can be heard on

Whilst they were performing their tight set on stage, we learned that their single reached 3000 views with most of these hits in Finland. This is just the beginning as we can see the band receiving positive feed back due to the quality of their tracks and how well they take care of their sound on stage.

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